Collaboration and Learning: SOTRANS Group and Vietnamese Logistics Businesses at FWC 2023


In early October, Mr. Marco Thanh, CEO of SOTRANS Group - Vice President of the Vietnam Logistics Business Association (VLA), led a Vietnamese delegation to attend the FIATA World Congress 2023 (FWC 2023) in Brussels, Belgium. This journey was seen as a valuable opportunity for the Vietnamese logistics industry to learn about "Greening and Digitizing”.

FWC 2023, held from October 1st to 6th with the theme "The Changing Climate of Logistics" and attracted over 1,000 delegates from 80 countries, featuring 72 speakers, 27 meetings, and discussion sessions. The event also saw the participation of numerous global logistics companies. Notably, Vietnam was represented by nearly 20 delegates, including leaders from VLA and prominent Vietnam Logistics companies…

This event provided a vital platform for Vietnam logistics companies to network, connect, learn from international experiences, and foster collaborations. The knowledge and experiences gained in digitalization and greening in the logistics field will be applied in Vietnam, helping the country become a larger logistics hub and promoting sustainable growth.

According to Mr. Marco Thanh, the CEO of SOTRANS Group, the topic "The Changing Climate of Logistics" is highly relevant at this time. The Vietnamese logistics sector is actively pursuing sustainable and eco-friendly development strategies in response to these global changes. He hopes that Vietnamese logistics companies will embrace new trends and find adaptive solutions to climate and current business environment changes. This event also offers an opportunity for companies to meet, connect, and collaborate in relevant fields.

Within the framework of the congress, President of FIATA, Mr. Ivan Petrov, and Mr. Stéphane Graber also met with the Prime Minister of Vietnam, Mr. Phạm Minh Chính. Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính expressed his desire to strengthen the relationship between Vietnam and FIATA. He emphasized that Vietnam should collaborate closely with FIATA to develop the logistics sector in line with global trends, enhance international competitiveness, assist Vietnam in human resource development, organizational management, and technology development.

The FIATA World Congress 2023 has provided SOTRANS Group with a valuable opportunity to connect and learn from leading partners and experts in the global logistics field. It is hoped that the knowledge and experiences gained from this event will enable SOTRANS Group to enhance service quality and contribute to the sustainable development of the logistics industry in Vietnam.

Looking forward to the next FIATA World Congress, scheduled to be held in Hanoi in 2025!

(SOTRANS Group News)