On November 19th, 2021, SOTRANS Group held a special annual event “ONE SOTRANS - Management Workshop 2021” for the management team at GEM Convention Center. 

The workshop with the "ONE SOTRANS" concept have been attended by nearly 60 middle and senior managers of SOTRANS Group and member companies SOTRANS Logistics, Sowatco and Vietranstimex to take a look back at a tumultuous 2021 and move forwards to the strategy for a promising 2022.

With the united strength of the SOTRANS family, the strong spirit of “No Pain No Gain” and the strong leadership of Management team, SOTRANS Group has overcome the storm, maintaining our growth momentum, and protecting the safety of our members from the Covid-19 pandemic. It can be said that SOTRANS Group has successfully overcome a special period of our country and economy to achieve a lot of meaningful achievements in terms of both business results and HR.

In addition to the positive financial reports and the transformation strategy for SOTRANS Group and the member companies SOTRANS Logistics, Sowatco and Vietranstimex in the 2021 -2024 period, the Management team in the workshop was also very interested in other fields related to the sustainable development goal such as S.H.E (Safety – Health – Environment) & Compliance, HR policies, upgrading the management and operation systems through investing in the IT platforms for the new phase, Big Data, restructuring…

Beyond the framework of an important annual strategic workshop, "ONE SOTRANS - Management Workshop 2021” has become a bridge to strengthen exchanges & engagement to share and learn experiences between generations of SOTRANS Group’s leaders to be ready for the big and long-term visions ahead.

Congratulations to ONE SOTRANS with the spirit of OWNERSHIP – NEW – EXCELLENCE to be ready for the journey to conquer the next heights!