Vietranstimex Carries Out The Wind Turbine Equipment Transportation For Lac Hoa 2 Wind Power Project, Soc Trang Province


On July 20th, at Lotus Port, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietranstimex received 5 sets of wind turbine from Lac Hoa 2 Wind Power project, all wind turbines then were transported to Lac Hoa 2 wind power site, Soc Trang province by barge.

The project, one of the first onshore wind farms in Soc Trang and will annually contribute an average of 112,323 MWh of clean power (wind energy) to the National Grid via 110kV transmission line. By providing clean energy, the project will help reduce the country’s dependence on imported and environmentally damaging fuels for power generation and contributes to reducing about 102,500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions per year. 

Up to now, Vietranstimex has received 10 barges housing Nacelles, blades and wind turbines. All of them have been transported to Lac Hoa 2 wind power site, Soc Trang, completing 80% of the 1st shipment out of 5 shipments with a total 40 wind turbines equipment sets of the Project.

These days, the coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam has been heating up with thousands of new COVID-19 cases have been reported, Directive #16 was issued regarding the practice of social distancing throughout Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces of Mekong Delta. However, with the wind power sector specifics facilitated by all levels, Vietranstimex has been proactive, flexible and coordinated with relevant stakeholders to ensure the transportation of the project to be affected to the minimum extent. In addition, Vietranstimex also always maintains and ensures infection prevention for all employees who are on duty, such as the 90%-100% work from home policy, 5K rule, drivers are required negative test certificate. Up to now, all company employees and field staffs have been vaccinated against Covid-19.