Vietranstimex Carries Out The Wind Turbine Installation For Adani Phuoc Minh Wind Power Project At Ninh Thuan

In July, 2021, at Adani Phuoc Minh wind power project site (Thuan Nam commune), the joint venture of Vietranstimex and Dong Xuyen Port participated and completed the Wind Powers Installation Package of Phuoc Minh Wind Power Plant Project. The completion of the project is an important milestone in the journey of putting the wind power plant into operation on schedule before October 2021 in order to enjoy the preferential FIT price.

With the smooth coordination of modern machinery including 800ton, 120ton and 70ton cranes and other supporting equipment, as well as the precise manipulation ability of Vietranstimex’s  engineers and technicians on the construction site, the wind turbines installation was completed on schedule, ensuring the technical standards as designed.

Started since June 2020, despite of facing a lot of unusual changes in weather and harsh working conditions, complex geological terrain, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietranstimex's team of engineers and workers have adapted very well to complete the assigned tasks, striving to complete on schedule as committed with the Investor.

Adani Phuoc Minh Wind Power Plant (Thuan Nam) with capacity of 27.3 MW, was approved on investment policy in 2018 by the Provincial People's Committee and was adjusted on completion time by the end of 2020, and move to 2021 due to adjustment on land use plan for the remaining 1.9ha. Once completed and put into operation in the third quarter of 2021, this project is expected to provide more than 100 million kWh of electricity per year to the national grid.