Vietranstimex Completed 1/3 Of Cargo Transportation Plan Of Nam Kong 3 Hydropower Project


In the beginning of September 2020, Vietranstimex completed 1/3 of the plan of receiving and transporting containers and bulk cargoes of Nam Kong Hydropower Project 3 from Tien Sa Port, Da Nang to the site of the project built in Attapeu province, Laos P.D.R. This is the project singed in August 2019 and expected to be completed in August 2021.

The project consists of a cargo volume more than 150 container 40' and bulk shipments in various dimensions and weights such as: 4 transformers of 87 tons/machine (6,5m×2,7m×4m); 6 Stators and Rotors of 60 tons/shipment (7m×3,5m×3m); Bridge crane beam of 40 tons (28m×2m×25m),... The cargoes have been received from vessel/port cranes onto the trailer at Tien Sa Port then transported by using specialized transport means for oversize-overweight cargoes, including the large-capacity Man tractors and Cometto hydraulic trailers.

In order to ensure in-time road transportation, as well as ensuring the compliance to safety procedures in lifting and transporting oversize-overweight loads, Vietranstrimex has conducted the surveys, calculations and prepared the appropriate plan for the distance of 430km across some provinces and towns in Vietnam and Laos: 
Distance from Tien Sa Port, Da Nang to Bo Y International Border Gate: 260km 
Distance from Vietnam – Laos border to the project site: 170km

The implementation stages include site surveys of current infrastructure conditions, obstacle clearance, calculation of plan for passing Bailey bridge on the route, turning angle or sharp and steep curves for long trailers to ensure safety of transporting.

Completion of one third of the plan is a great effort of Vietranstimex team in the circumstance of the Covid-19 pandemic impact and the disease’s prevention regulations of the countries, the regulation of changing drivers at the border to continue to the partner’s location.

The project is still going on, heavy shipments have been received at Tien Sa port, Da Nang and planned to be transported. The project is expected to be completed in August 2021.