Vietranstimex Completed Wind Turbine Blades Installation For Song An Wind Farm Project – Gia Lai Province


On November 11th 2021, Vietranstimex completed the installation of wind turbine towers for Song An Wind Power Project, Gia Lai, achieved more than 90 percent of the project progress. For the remaining work (power wiring) will be soon finished within this month in convenient weather condition.

According to the signed contract, Vietranstimex’s scope of work is installation of a number of wind turbine towers CRRC with the center height of 140m, total Nacelle’s weight of 108 tons. All equipment used for the installation include 800ton crawler crane, 150ton crawler crane and 100ton and 75ton loader cranes and other supporting equipment. 

Along with the Cuu An Project which was completed earlier in September and now connected to the national grid, the completion of Song An Wind Power is a new milestone of Vietranstimex's success in Gia Lai battlefield when Vietranstimex is assigned installation tasks for two large wind power projects by the same investor. With many years of experience in the field of wind power transportation and installation, the expertise and precise manipulation ability of Vietranstimex’s engineers and technicians on the construction site in the precious projects, Vietranstimex always ensures the wind turbines installation to be completed on schedule, ensuring the technical standards as designed.

Congratulations to Vietranstimex Team on successfully completing the task and wish the project soon goes into operation, contributing to creating a clean and green energy source, meeting the demand for electricity consumption, and increasing the value of industrial production. At the same time, the projects will also create jobs for laborers and increase revenue for the local budget.