Vietranstimex Cooperates With The Enterprise For Constructing, Surveying And Repairing Petroleum Exploitation Projects To Sucessfully Load-Out The Topside Of BK-21 Rig For White Tiger Field


On September 1st, 2020, Vietranstimex coordinated with the Enterprise for Constructing, Surveying and Repairing Petroleum Exploitation Projects (Construction Enterprise) to successfully loaded-out the Topside of the BK-21 uninhabited wellhead rig for White Tiger field at the manufacturing site located in Vietsovpetro port, Vung Tau City. This is the second cooperation between Vietranstimex and the Construction Enterprise in transporting parts of BK-21 rig.

The Topside of BK-21 weighting up to 885 tons, with the dimensions of 12m x 12,5m x 14m, has been designed and manufactured by Vietnam-Russia Joint Venture (Vietsovpetro). BK-21 rig is an uninhabited wellhead platform, being constructed at White Tiger field and located near the MSP6 and MSP7 fixed platforms. Products exploited from BK-21 will be transported to MSP6 by underground pipeline. BK-21 rig receives Gas-lift and seam press water from the MSP7 rig and electricity from MSP6 rig.

The launching was calculated by using transporting equipment for overweight, oversize loads mobilized by Vietranstimex to the manufacturing yard on August 26th. The trial lifting was carried out on August 31st to check the actual weight. The transporting and loading-out onto barge of Vietsovpetro was carried out on September 1st. With a distance of about 200m, Vietranstimex has used 48 SPMT axles and 2PPUs to transport and load-out on 11,000 tons barge, using 20 ballast pumps with a capacity of 300 cubic meters/hour (m3/h) and specialized access bridge system. In addition, Vietranstimex has also mobilized the technical staff and skilled experts in controlling the transport equipment of overweight, oversize structure to collaborate with the JV's experts and technicians to organize the load-out fully complying with the regulations and safety provisions.

Congratulations to Vietranstimex and the Construction Enterprise! Wish the two sides’ cooperation huge success!