Vietranstimex Is Proud To Be The Biggest Logistics Contractor Of The Petrochemical Complex In The South Of Vietnam Project


Continuously affirming the leading capacity in transporting and installing overweight, oversize cargos and equipment in Vietnam and the region through the key projects of the country, Vietranstimex continues affirming its position when it is honored to become the Logistics contractor of the Package A1 - the largest cargos and equipment package of Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project. The first shipment of this package was undertaken in the early 2020 and Vietranstime has been continuing its efforts for the next shipments to meet the progress of the project.

The Package A1 has a total volume of cargos up to 277,000 tons, equivalent to more than 1 million cbm of cargos, comprising hundreds of very large equipment packs, in which STST packs are 93m length, 89m width and weighing over 770 tons. In order to transport these STST packs, Vietranstimex has mobilized a huge number of SPMTs (Self-propelled Modular Transporter) from 48 to 72 axles; Large-size barges (6000 DWT - 7000 DWT), ...

In order to ensure the transportation quality for the Package A1 and meet the progress of Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam project, Vietranstimex has planned to apply multi-transportation mode (roadway and waterway combined) to transport all cargos and equipment of the Package A1 to the factory in Long Son, Ba Ria - Vung Tau. All calculation on stability, lacing, load distribution have been made by Vietranstimex’s technical experts accurately and in details to ensure safety; besides, Vietranstimex has been certified by the insurance technical consultant prior to the implementation, especially for waterway transport.

In addition to Package A1, Vietranstimex is also involved in handle of customs clearance and transporting other important packages of Long Son Petrochemical Complex, including:

  • Package A2:  Transportation of Steel structures;  Interconnecting pipes; Auxiliary electrical devices….
  • Package B&C: Transportation of 17 Modules with loads of the lightest over 100 tons and the heaviest nearly 1,400 tons.  

Priviously, Vietranstimex sucessfully transported Package G (Boilers) of Central Utility System of Long Son Petrochemical Complex in August, 2020.

Long Son Petrochemical Complex has received total investment capital up to $5.4 billion. This integrated petrochemical complex will have a total olefin production capacity of 1.6 million tonnes per year, being capable of substituting imported polyolefin products. As planned, the project will complete construction and put into operation by the end of 2022, and the commercial operation will start in early 2023. The project is expected to create about 15,000 - 20,000 jobs during construction,  needs more than 1,000 skilled positions and contribute around $60 million per year to the national budget during 30 years since it went into operation. 

Becoming the largest Logistics contractor of this project and being in charging of transporting the Package A1 is a proud achievement, of Vietranstimex, demonstrating its position and brand value as it continuously becomes an important shipping partner, accompany and contribute to the success of the projects that are great significance to the country