Vietranstimex Received And Installed Wind Turbine Blades For Song An Wind Farm Project – Gia Lai Province

On October 1st 2021, Vietranstimex received and started installing wind turbine towers for Song An Wind Power Project, Gia Lai, continuing to conquer a series of wind power projects being implemented across the Central provinces.

According to the signed contract, Vietranstimex’s scope of work is installation of a number of wind turbine towers CRRC with the center height of 140m, total Nacelle’s weight of 108 tons. All equipment used for the installation include 800ton crawler crane, 150ton crawler crane and 100ton and 75ton loader cranes and other supporting equipment. 

With many years of experience in the field of wind power transportation and installation, the expertise and precise manipulation ability of Vietranstimex’s engineers and technicians on the construction site in the precious projects, Vietranstimex always ensures the wind turbines installation to be completed on schedule, ensuring the technical standards as designed.