Vietranstimex Successfully Transported The 220kV – 240MVA Transformer And Associated Fittings To Krong Suong Substation In Cambodia


On August 25th, 2020, Vietranstimex successfully transported the 220kV-240MVA Transformer (10500mm x 3800mm x 3950mm) of 186 tons and associated fuels and fittings of 124 tons (390.28CBM) from Ho Chi Minh City to Krong Suong Substation in Cambodia (50km away from Xa Mat Border Gate). The Project marks the cooperation between Vietranstimex and Electricité du Cambodge (EDC).

The whole transporting journey is executed by roadway on a distance of 218km starting from the night of August 18 at Ben Nghe Port (Ho Chi Minh City) and arriving at Xa Mat border gate on August 21st, the transportation to the substation was completed by the morning of August 24th. After jacking and putting the machine on the platform, the transformer was handed over to the Client in the afternoon of August 25th at the Krong Suong substation, Cambodia.

In order to ensure the transportation to be carried out smoothly, on schedule and strictly complied with the rules of oversize-overweight cargo transport and handling, Vietranstimex team has calculated and developed technical plans, including the site survey of infrastructure conditions, obstacles clearance on the transport route, and calculating the turning angle for long trailer convoy at corners on the whole route. The adequate transport equipment is calculated for oversize-overweight cargo, including special Man tractor and SPT hydraulic trailers, the used number of SPT trailers is 15-27 axes which were adjusted depending on the road conditions.

Congratulations to Vietranstimex and EDC. Wishing the two sides’ cooperation huge success!