Vietranstimex Successfully Transported Vessel NB936 weighing 1740 ton at VARD Shipping yard in Vung Tau

On July 8th, 2022, Vietranstimex (VTT) successfully transported the Vessel NP936 weighing 1740 ton from the fabrication location to the load-out position at VARD Shipyard Yard, Vung Tau.

This vessel is part of the oversized-overweighed vessel series of various sizes being manufactured here. All preparations began on August 1, and the site move to the load-out position at the jetty completed on August 8. To receive and site move, Vietranstimex mobilized a convoy of self-propelled hydraulic trailers SPMT (Self-propelled Modular Transporter) with 96 axles and 6 heads of PPU Commetto, carried out detailed and accurate calculations on stability, lashing, load distribution, ... fully comply with regulations and ensure site safety to ensure safety when performing.