Vietranstimex Sucessfully Transported 3 Bales Of Oversize Overweight Cargoes Of Package D Under Petrolimex Complex In The South Of Vietnam Project


On January 26, 2021, Vietranstimex (VTT) received and successfully transported 3 oversize overweight bales of Package D (under Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project) from Mv Monica arriving at Construction Jetty of Long Son Site, consisting of:

•The Reactor weighing 628.7 tons
•The Product Purge Bin weighing 318. 8 tons
•Two bales of Cycle Gas Cooler weighing 154.8 tons each

All these three oversize overweight bales have been received directly at Long Son wharf and transported to Long Son site by Vietranstrimex to place down at the right location as requested by the Investor.

In order to receive and transport these equipment, SPMT hydraulic trailers of 24-axes and 2 PPUs have been applied to transport the Reactor weighing 628.7 tons and the Product Purge Bin weighing 318.8 tons. While, the 14-axis-SPMT (single-coupling), one main trailer (Man 41,680) and 1 auxiliary tractor has bren applied to transport 2 bales of Cycle Gas Cooler weighing 154.8 tons each.

This is the overweight oversize shipment under Package D of Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project that Vietranstimex has been  in charge of transporting, in which the Reactor is the heart of the Factory. The transportation of this very important package reflects the equipment capacity of Vietranstimex and affirms its leading position in the field of overweight oversize equipment transport and installation in Vietnam and the region. Previously, Vietranstimex also consecutively received and released other Packages of the Project such as Package B&C – releasing 17 shipments with total volume more than 5,000 tons, Package A1 – releasing tens of thousands tons of oversize overweight cargo equipment …

Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project has received total investment capital up to $5.3 billion and has been the second biggest petrochemical project in Vietnam. As planned, the project will complete construction and put into operation by the end of 2022, and the commercial operation will start in early 2023. The project is expected to create more than 1,000 skilled positions and contribute around $60 million per year. 

Congratulations to Vietranstimex team on this achievement. Wishing the Project huge success!