Vietranstimex Transports And Installs The Last Piperack Module Weighing Up To 1,382T Of B&C Package Under The Petrolimex Complex In The South Of Vietnam Project


From 19th to 26th February, 2021, the 1382-tonne PP-PAU-002 module of Package B&C under the Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project was received, transported and installed successfully by Vietranstimex (VTT). This is the last oversize overweight shipment in 17 Piperack Modules of Package B&C that Vietranstimex has been undertaking to load-out and transport from the Shipyard Port to the installation location in the plant. This officially marks the successful transportation and installation of all 17 Samsung Piperack Modules of B&C Package weighing from 100 tons to 1,382 tons each, starting from early October 2020.

Module PP-Pau-002 belongs to the HDPE & PP plant of the Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project, has dimensions of 30m x 20m x 56.5m (length x width x height) and weighing more than 1,382 tons, was fully integrated by Vietnamese engineers in Vietnam. In particular, this is the tallest and heaviest module - equivalent to a 20-storey building in Vietnam - that VTT has ever received and transported. Earlier in 2015, VTT also received and transported the heaviest module with a volume of 360 tons for Nghi Son Refinery, which was recorded as the largest module in Vietnam at that time.

The 6 kilometer-distance of roadway and the 12 kilometer-distance of seaway have been made for this Module PP-PAU-002. To receive and transport this shipment, SPMT (Self-propelled Modular Transporter) hydraulic trailers of 72-axes; 7000DWT sea barge; ballast pumps with capacity of 300-400 cubic meters/hour (m3/h) and specialized access bridge system, etc. have been mobilized. In addition, VTT has also calculated the detail and the accuracy on stability, lacing, loads and fully complying with regulations on IMO maritime safety, site safety to ensure safety during transporting, especially for water transportation.

Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project has received total investment capital up to $5.3 billion and has been the second biggest petrochemical project in Vietnam. As planned, the project will complete construction and put into operation by the end of 2022, and the commercial operation will start in early 2023. The project is expected to create more than 1,000 skilled positions and contribute around $60 million per year. VTT is honored to become the Logistics contractor of the Package B&C to undertake the load-out, transportation and installation of the module to the required location for the plant construction. The successful completion of the Package B&C under the Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project has marked a new milestone for VTT's success, and also contributed to enhancing VTT's position in the oversize overweight transportation and installation market,  project cargo & full equipment in Vietnam and the Region.