Sotrans Group Continues To Be Listed In Top 500 Biggest Companies In Vietnam In 2021

According to the announcement in early December, 2021 of Vietnam Report and VietnamNet Newspaper, SOTRANS Group was listed in Top 500 biggest companies in Vietnam (VNR500) in 2021.

The VNR500 ranking is based on the Fortune 500 model of the US to honor outstanding economic achievements of the most successful companies in Vietnam, according to the independent criteria, such as revenue, profit, total asset, number of employees...

The Covid-19 pandemic on a large scale in many provinces and cities has profoundly affected all sectors of the economy. Many key economic localities had to implement social distancing for a long time to prevent disease, causing domestic and international supply chains to be disrupted or even broken. Therefore, this year's VNR500 ranking highly appreciates the companies that still maintain efficient and stable production and business activities during a challenging period due to the impact of the COVID pandemic.

GDP in 9 months of 2021 has increased by only 1.42% over the same period of last year. This is the slowest growth rate in Vietnam since the launch of “Đổi Mới” in 1986. The average indexes of Return On Assets (ROA) and Return On Sales (ROS) of Vietnam’s companies in 2021 have also almost decreased.

In the general gloomy picture of the whole economy in 2021, with proud efforts, SOTRANS Group and the member companies ( SOTRANS Logistics, Sowatco and Vietranstimex) have still contributed hundreds of billions VND to the State budget and ensuring jobs for thousands of employees… to contribute to social security.

SOTRANS Group has been ranked 310 in Vietnam’s 500 biggest companies. Within 5 years, SOTRANS Group has moved up 67 notches on the ranking compared to 2016

Maintaining rankings over the past years has proven SOTRANS Group's ability to innovate, create and flexibly adapt to different economic periods. With the right business strategy, SOTRANS Group not only moves fast on the rankings but also is increasingly trusted and loved in the perception of customers and partners.

Congratulations to SOTRANS Group for the relentless efforts and dedication on SOTRANS’ long journey to bring sustainable values and prosperity to itself, to the Logistics industry and to the community which have been recognized and appreciated by the reputable organizations.

(SOTRANS Group News)