Vietranstimex Fully Completed Transportation Of 220kV - 250MVA Transformer From Shenyang (China) To Dong Anh (Hanoi)


On November 21st, 2020, Vietranstimex successfully completed the transportation and hand-over of 220kV - 250MVA Transformer  from Shenyang, China to Dong Anh Electrical Equipment Corporation
Joint Stock Company (EEMC) in Hanoi. Previously, this transformer was transported from Dong Anh, Hanoi to the laboratory in Shenyang city (Liaoning province, China) and returned when the test was finished.
Vietranstimex is the general contractor for all tasks including cargo clearance, two-way door-to-door transportation and loading in this project. 

The whole process of receiving and transporting the 220Kv - 250MVA transformer, with the body weighing 186 tons and the fittings weighing 95 tons, dimensions of 9.8 x 4.2 x 4.75 (m) was conducted by Vietranstimex in the form of waterway and roadway:

  • Outgoing way: From November 30th – December 1st 2019, a 15-axis hydraulic trailer was used and moved to EEMC’s factory to receive the transformer together with fittings and transport to Hai Phong Port on December 20th 2019. Then, the entire machine was lifted on 5000DWT Ship to Bayuquan port, then transferred on trailer for transporting to the laboratory in Shenyang, Liaoning province, China.

Incoming way: In contrast to the above process, 220kV - 250MVA Transformer was transported to Hai Phong port from November 4 – 5th, 2020, then transported to EEMC’s factory by 18-axis hydraulic trailer November 11th, 2020.
In order to ensure the transportation of the transformer meet the highest requirements, Vietranstimex mobilized skilled manpower and used specialized means for overweight, oversize cargoes, including Man tractor, hydraulic trailer (18-axis, 15-axis), 5000DWT ship to transport the body and fittings of the transformer and combine means of waterway and roadway for cargoes receipt and transportation. Our partners in this project (including Taiwanese and Chinese enterprises) have been carefully selected by Vietranstimex with the quality, prestige and especially to ensure the set out progress for the project.