Vietranstimex Received And Transported The 500kV-467MVA Transformer Weighing 286.8 Tons From Dong Anh (Hanoi) To Son La Hydropower Plant


In the evening of September 15th, 2020, Vietranstimex's trailers convoy officially started the journey to transport the 500kV-467MVA transformer weighing up to 286.8 tons from Dong Anh (Hanoi) to Son La Hydropower Plant (Son La province). The 500kV-467MVA transformer, invested in the Lai Chau Hydropower Plant Construction Investment Project, is the step-up transformer for Son La - Lai Chau Hydropower plants to increase the continuous operation of these key works.

The 500kV-467MVA transformer has a body weight of more than 286.8 tons with the dimensions of 11.448mx 4.27m x 4.2m. In addition, its machine oil and the attached accessories are also weighted more than 131.5 tons. In the scope of work, Vietranstimex will also conduct the relocation of the old Transformer (weighing 418 tons) at the factory to the storing location for installing the new transformer into the operating location.

In order to ensure the transportation and loading/unloading of the transformer meet the highest requirements, Vietranstimex team has planned to use specialized means for overweight, oversize cargoes, including tractors: Iveco 645HP, Man TGX680, Man TGA530, Cometto trailer with configurations of: 11x2 axes, 30x2 axes and 14 + 14 * 1/2 axes, barge with capacity up to 520 tons, SMRM tractors and 10 ton, 110 ton cranes.

The transformer was received on September 3rd and the arrival at the installation site is expected to be completed on October 30th, 2020. The machine will be transported by multimodal transport services (alternative waterway and roadway) according to the transportation route calculated in detail by Vietranstimex on a distance of nearly 400km, ensuring the progress and the compliance to safety procedures in lifting and transporting oversize, overweight loads, including:
Distance from Dong Anh Plant to Dong Tru berth in roadway: 18km.
Transporting by barge to Downstream berth of Hoa Binh Dam in distance of 153km, organizing to handle the equipment at the left-side bank berth of Hoa Binh Dam and transporting to Upstream berth of Hoa Binh Dam in distance of 4km.
From Upstream berth of Hoa Binh Dam, the equipment will be moved by barge on Hoa Binh Dam lake to Downstream of Son La hydropower dam in distance of 220km.
At downstream of Son La hydropower dam, the equipment will be downloaded for transporting to Son La Hydropower Plant in distance of 5km.

Congratulations to Vietranstimex on this big project. Wishing the upcoming transportation and installation smooth and success.